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The premier teaching online platform that delivers a transformative approach to learning and healing; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

  • Our students come from all across the globe

  • Modern, intuitive and soul inspiring on-line courses

  • Talented, knowledgeable and experienced teachers

  • Meditation

    With Meditation Teacher Mastery Training, learn all you need to know to master the art to teach meditation the right way confidently and effectively.

  • Gratitude

    Gratitude Keeper® 365, cultivates personal transformation for a mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually a healthier YOU!

  • Massage

    Learn an effective, non-invasive way of giving a massage with Perfect-Touch Ball Therapy™. Using Balls, color visualization and light.

With Gratitude Keeper® Academy, you will receive an accredited certificate upon completing the course of your choice. Most importantly, you will gain a more resilient approach, knowledge, and confidence in how you conduct your spiritual life and your career path.

About Maxine

When I first began my meditation practice, I had no idea how powerful it was. But as time permitted and I remained committed, my life blossomed beautifully, and I found that I could connect with that inner calm during some very challenging situations. Over time I began to write my own meditations and affirmations, and I discovered the valuable and untapped power of the mind. Consider this; we are energy beings, and our lives are affected by our thought’s abundant energy. Each day thousands of ideas flow through our brain — more than what we are conscious of, and that will impact us on a cellular level. Meditation is a great healer for the mind, body, and spirit. It can be useful if practiced correctly to assist you on your life path, clear energetic blockages, and activate healing cells to accelerate one’s healing. By meditating, we can identify and control triggers, and even reduce our unhealthy responses to stress. Meditation takes years to perfect, but the benefits will last a lifetime. On this note, I am delighted that you are here to take your journey on this platform. I can hardly wait to meet you and help coach you on your journey.

New Book Release

Release date: Spring 2022

Gratitude Keeper® Volume One "No Rain, No Water". Awakened with insights and practical meditative guides to help enhance your daily human experiences and your spiritual journey. Delivering strategies to create an alignment between your thoughts and feelings, to overcome emotional fatigue, and create synergy within.

New Book Release

Release date: Spring 2022

Gratitude Keeper® Volume 2 – Daily Inspirations – JUST BREATHE. Designed to feature you, helping you develop a legacy of mental and emotional wealth. Unveiling your dreams, aspirations, hopes, fears, life challenges, inspirations, and expressions of gratitude. Build confidence and strengthen your emotional core.

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