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The art of practicing gratitude is adjusting to a lifestyle change that aligns one's perspective and engages consciousness to navigate throughout all the experiences this world has to offer. Consciously cultivating such a practice can help to support your lifestyle and health in many ways and allow you to reach your highest mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual potential.

Our feelings, perspectives, and behaviors ignite either positive or negative thoughts. Our job is recognizing when to shift to the side of being positive.  And, since we are talking about staying positive, let us expand this idea to the environment. Positive and negative in our atmosphere are both essentially needed to create the right atmospheric balance for our survival. For instance, negative ions exist in nature and are charged with electricity, which helps our bodies to feel good and to heal. Next time, observe how good you feel after a rainfall, a walk-in nature, by the water, or even after a shower. However, negative energy plays differently in our heads. It can stimulate our bodies to release chemicals that are disruptive to our health.

An influx of negative thoughts places us in a position to realize that something is not right. What? We may not be sure, as a result, maybe we have low energy, we may not feel as motivated or balanced in our bodies. We may even title the feeling as anxiety, "feeling off," or depressed. Negative thoughts also make us realize that a positive shift is necessary; these positive thoughts are needed most to help us thrive and be our best mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

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Andrea Barker

"Maxine gives you all of the tools you need to dive deeply into your practice, from easy-to-follow meditations to breathwork to discussion points that you can use to start the conversation with your loved ones. Gratitude is a way of being, but sometimes it can be difficult to keep your practice strong, especially when times are tough. Maxine shares with you how she managed to find gratitude in the face of tragedy. You are not alone. Use Gratitude Keeper® to lift you up and support you during the times when it is hard to keep your gratitude practice alive."

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