Experience a paradigm shift.

Perfect-Touch Ball Therapy™ is an exciting new massage technique that uses guided breathwork, color visualization, and specifically designed balls of different sizes, textures, and colors. Relieves stress, soothes nerves, contributes to lymphatic drainage, and promotes better sleep. Performed by rolling spheres over the body of a fully-clothed patient, it’s a gentle top-of-the-head to toes experience that offers all the benefits of deep-tissue massage – without pain, discomfort, or the need to remove your clothes.

Sign up for a comprehensive hands-on course that will show you how to identify stress, emotional, and lymph blockages; understand how energy patterns create blockages. Deliver an amazingly unique, non-invasive deep tissue massage your clients will love.


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Alex Black

“Perfect-touch Ball Therapy™ achieves exceptional results without the application of intense pain as found with conventional massage treatments.”

Dr. George Grant

“Your Perfect-touch Ball Therapy™ is very relaxing and it is better than the regular hand massage therapy. I fell asleep after the treatment and felt very relaxed. Well done Maxine!”

Dr. Oksana Sawiak

“Having had numerous types of massage in my life as a dentist, my first experience with Perfect-touch ball Therapy™ was very pleasant indeed. It felt like I had had a deep tissue massage without the excruciating pain I’d had to endure to get its benefits.”

$2745 USD

Be part of this exciting new modality, non invasive and thoroughly effective. You will experience the energetic shift for yourself and your clients.