About The Course

Have you been curious about what it entails to engage fully in a Vegan diet, but are not sure of the pros and cons? Are you ready to stop eating meat and dairy? 

If your answer is yes, this course is for you. I will guide you through why a vegan diet is both a beneficial and sustainable practice. I will help you understand your body’s needs and what it takes to maintain a healthier eating lifestyle. After this course, you will be confident in your dietary decisions, whether that means to stop eating animal products or not. In any case, you will know how to maintain your health, wellness, and higher levels energy.



1. Why switch to a vegan diet? Is it for everyone?

2. What is a vegan diet?

3. How to eat vegan and love it?

4. Ongoing health maintenance on a Vegan diet

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This could be the change you need for mind, body and spirit.